Prospective Partners | Why Choose Mountain Sports Distribution?

Mountain Sports Distribution is at the heart of the powersports industry. We distribute an extremely successful network of brands in North America and are proud to work with manufacturers to bring great products to a loyal and passionate dealer network.

Product Distribution | MSD has network of more than 350 dealers in North America, 300 of which are located across Canada. This Dealer Network has grown by 25% each year for the past three years. We believe this is due to our incredible brands, competitive margins and personalized service. Mountain Sports Distribution can fulfill on all importing, exporting, warehousing, inventory management and shipping needs.

Warranty Service | MSD acts as the Warranty HQ for several of our brands. This means fast, in-house service for our dealers and their customers – and less headache for you. We work with you to provide the best service to dealers and ensure the best product on the market.

Sales & Marketing | As a full-service Distribution Company, we’re truly invested in the success of your brand. We offer Media Services, including advertising, product sponsorship and Consumer Trade Show execution. Distributing with MSD also means unique access to our magazine, Mountain Sledder.

Sales | Your brand becomes a part of the MSD brand and our team is devoted to ensuring that it thrives. You brand will become part of our Sales Campaigns & Catalog, be highly visible wherever we are and be advocated through our network of sales representatives.

Industry Knowledge | We don’t operate out of Edmonton. Or Calgary. We’re in the mountains. Our office is exactly at the exit of the busiest highway in Canada and the road to some of the greatest snowmobiling in North America. We sled. We ATV. We are part of the community. If you want a Distributor with a finger on the pulse of the sledding world, you’ve come to the right place.

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