Mountain Lab Gear Enters the Two-Way Radio Market

The new Mountain Lab 2-Way 2-Watt Radio.

After years of the market being dominated by a singular two-way radio, Mountain Lab has come to the table with a strong contender to compete for the backcountry market.  For the 19/20 Season, Mountain Lab is introducing the ROAM 2-Way Radio, a 2-watt radio that is completely compatible with all other existing radios on the market.

“We saw a great opportunity,” said a representative of the company. “We were seeing thousands of these radios being sold across North America, but had the unique opportunity to take a step back and evaluate some features that we felt were of value to our market.”

Like other 2-way radios on the market, the Mountain Lab ROAM is a 2 Watt radio that works with other brands out there (i.e. you can use the ROAM to talk to other brands). It has 22 channels and 121 privacy channels and boasts an impressive 50-hour battery run-time.  However, unlike other radios on the market, the Mountain Lab Roam has an IP67 waterproof microphone with a removable cover to keep the microphone in working order in blower snow.

“The number one complaint we got from snowmobilers was that the microphone would continually get clogged with snow and render it unusable, so we wanted to combat that first and foremost,” says the designer. “After that, it was about getting an awesome product to snowmobilers at a ‘no-brainer’ of a pricepoint.

The ROAM enters the market at just $119.99 CAD for a single, or $249.99 CAD ($199.99 USD) for the set of two, making it at least $110 cheaper than the competition per radio. Says the company, “the more we researched the technology and worked with manufacturers, the more it came to light that we could do a lot more for a lot less.”

To learn more about the new Mountain Lab ROAM 2W Radio, check out their website here.