New 509 Outerwear Line-Up Announced for Winter 21/22

For over a decade, the 509 name has been ubiquitous in the Snowmobile Helmet and Goggle world, with dealership shelves being stocked with the conspicuous black 509 boxes. However, over the past five years, 509’s foray into the outerwear world has meant their stylish name brand creeping into the outerwear floor of most dealerships.

Over the past five years the material and construction has developed to such a level that 509 outerwear is now seen on many professional riders and guiding organizations. From pro riders Cody McNolty and Brett Turcotte to guiding ops, the Stoke and Evolve line is getting strong reviews both for quality and style.

The newly released Winter 21/22 line of outerwear introduces two new key concepts that propel the outerwear to the next level. First – the introduction of women’s gear and second – the premiere usage of Sympatex fabrics.

Sympatex is a high-end waterproof and windproof material that rivals Gore-Tex for domination of the premium outerwear market. Known to be equal in quality to Gore-Tex, Sympatex trumpets their “environmentally friendly” commitment in the manufacturing of their fabric.

509 Ether Mono Suit

The 509 Ether Mono Suit is available in two colours and features premium Sympatex material.

509’s new Ether line will be the first piece from 509 to feature Sympatex –  a 45K/45K waterproof and breathable garment. With an extremely durable outer material that repels water as well as any fabric we’ve ever seen, the Ether is ideal for backcountry riding. The Ether is available in both a Mono Suit (MSRP $1049.99 CAD) and a Jacket/Bib kit (MSRP $589.99 CAD/ea).

Also new to 509’s line-up for Winter 21/22 is the introduction of women’s gear. For the first time, women will have female-specific options in both the best-selling Allied (non-insulated) Mono Suit and the insulated Range Jacket/Bib Kit.

The Women’s Allied features identical construction the Winter 21/22 men’s version, but with the addition of a female-specific fit and the must-have “Crescent Drop Seat”, which is an easy-to-manage waterproof zip. It’s intelligently designed, and we think women are going to be impressed by this suit and its features! MSRP $759.99 CAD

For those riding trails, women can now choose the Range Insulated Jacket and Bib Kit, available in three colours, including W21/22’s soon-to-be-fav colour combo – teal and maroon.  Jackets feature clutch “zonal stretch” around the shoulders and waist for a super-comfortable fit and 509’s 5TECH 10k/10k construction.  Bib Pants also feature the new Crescent Drop Seat zipper. MSRP $429.99 CAD/ea.

With the addition of these products, 509’s lineup now includes multiple options for backcountry and trail, male and female, hardcore and recreational riders. As stylish as ever and with more talking-points than ever, these feature-rich products are going to look great on showroom floors and fly off the shelves.