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MSD Welcomes Highway 21 Helmets

Starting immediately, MSD’s brand arsenal now including Highway 21 Helmets. We’re proud to bring these incredibly stylish and aggressively priced street helmet to Canada and know that the helmets will find a spot on dealers’ shelves this summer.

About Highway 21

Located in Idaho, State Highway 21 is the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway, primarily a two-lane highway from Boise to Stanley. The Highway passes through historic Idaho City and the village of Lowman to the western edge of the Sawtooth Mountains, then along their northern boundary to Stanley. Granted, if you’re looking for a bike road trip, you can do no better than this stretch.

Highway 21 is inspired by this roadway and translates this muse into a collection of helmets, men’s, and women’s motorcycle wear. Taking pride in their leather craftmanship and commitment to brand, Highway 21 is a label that’s easy to get behind.

Product To Consider

For Summer 2021, MSD will be carrying the 9mm Helmet, which is a DOT-approved classic helmet design with premium materials and a washable, replaceable liner. With a retail price on $79.99, this helmet has the perfect entry level pricepoint.

Also available with be the .357 Half Helmet, which is perhaps the most classic design available in a street helmet. This timeless design is DOT-approved, has a removable washable liner and is available in a gloss or matte finish. $99.99 CAD.