MSD Announces Brand Partnership with Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans

MSD, Inc’s Summer 2024 offering will include a new brand – Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans. The premium motorcycle clothing manufacture from The Czech Republic is known for it’s premium, high-performance street motorcycle pants and jackets and currently has distribution in 30 countries.

“Our goal is to have a Summer Catalog that is ubiquitous in motorcycle dealerships,” says CEO Chuck Gorton. “Partnering with Trilobite means we’re able to bring a unique, desirable brand to street motorcycle dealerships across Canada.” Trilobite joins MSD, Inc’s other street motorcycle brands Sidi, Highway 21 and FLY Racing to bring a more rounded offering to Canadian Dealers.

Below is the release from Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans announcing the partnership:

Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans, a renowned name in the motorcycle apparel industry, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Mountain Sports Distribution, a leading distributor of high-quality powersports  gear in Canada. This strategic collaboration marks a milestone in the companies’ pursuits to revolutionize the motorcycling experience and enhance safety and style for Canadian riders.

Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans is globally recognized for its cutting-edge innovations in protective riding gear, combining fashion-forward designs with premium materials that meet the highest safety standards. Mountain Sports Distribution boasts an impressive track record of successfully introducing exceptional powersports products to the Canadian market.

The partnership will see Mountain Sports Distribution becoming the exclusive distributor of Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans products in Canada. This move aims to streamline distribution channels, optimize customer service, and ensure that Canadian riders have easy access to Trilobite’s state-of-the-art motorcycle jeans, armored jackets, and other protective gear.

“We are delighted to join forces with Mountain Sports Distribution to expand our presence in the Canadian market,” said Jan Mares, CSO of Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans. “Canada has a vibrant and passionate motorcycle community, and we believe our collaboration will enable us to cater to their needs with unmatched quality and style.”

MSD, Inc will include Trilobite Jeans as part of the Summer 2024 Booking Offer via a supplemental catalog to their S24 Catalog.

About MSD, Inc.

Established in 2009, Mountain Sports Distribution is one of Canada’s leading powersports parts and accessories distributors. Located in Golden, British Columbia, a recreation mecca, MSD places a fundamental focus on being submersed in the powersports community. MSD distributes winter snowmobiling equipment and summer motorcycle equipment in Canada and USA. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 Mountain Sports Distribution was named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies and in 2019 was named to Canada’s Growth 500 list.

In 2023 Mountain Sports Distribution partnered with private equity firm, KV Capital .

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About Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans

Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans is a pioneering brand in the motorcycle apparel industry, committed to providing riders with top-tier safety gear that seamlessly blends fashion and function. With an unwavering focus on quality, innovation, and style, Trilobite Motorcycle Jeans has earned the trust and admiration of riders worldwide.

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