“No longer a helmet, now it’s a cockpit.”

Welcome the much-anticipated 509 Delta V Commander Snowmobile Helmet! This revolutionary comms helmet is built for long rides, high speeds, and frigid temps. The 509 Delta V Commander (available in Carbon) features an integrated communication system, maximum visibility infinity-style shield, and ergonomic design.

The Delta V Commander is fully powered by a 12-volt input on the side of the helmet. This station powers the Ignite Shield (never fog again!), the Cardo Comms and Chase Light. This communication system, paired with premium sound, the Venturi Vent + Ducting and perfect fit you’ve come to expect from 509 helmets makes this helmet the industry’s most anticipated piece of gear for Winter 23/24.

Available to ship now in Canada. Carbon version available in three colourways, priced at $1269.99 CAD. Non-carbon version available in four colourways, priced at $999.99 CAD.

Cardo Communications

Effortlessly communicate between 15 riders with a Cardo Communications system complete with microphone and JBL speakers, the best sound and noise cancellation for all your rides.  On the right of the helmet, meet the Prime Control, which includes on/off, pairing and Delta-specific buttons that you can configure in the app. On the left side you’ll find the Active Control, which includes the input, volume and forward/backward controls

Premium Sound

JBL speakers with 509’s uniquely designed PSI (Pressurized Sound Isolation) system for passive noise cancellation. They’re custom fit, meaning you can expect an easy on-off of hte helmet. Connect vie Bluetooth to your music, phone, maps and snowmobile.

Venturi Venting

At its core, the Venturi Venting System is an advanced ventilation technology strategically integrated into helmets to optimize airflow and moisture management. The Venturi Venting System’s impact on snowmobiling is monumental, offering a clear line of sight by preventing visor fogging. By efficiently evacuating moist air, this technology enables snowmobile enthusiasts to conquer snow-covered trails with uninterrupted visibility. Riding through frigid temperatures becomes more comfortable, ensuring that the focus remains on the exhilaration of the journey rather than the discomfort of fogged-up visors. 

About MSD, Inc.

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In 2023 Mountain Sports Distribution partnered with private equity firm, KV Capital .

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