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Mountain Sports Distribution Ranks No. 351 of Canada’s Top Growing Companies,

September 25, 2020 Mountain Sports Distribution places No. 351 on The Globe and Mail’s second-annual ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies   GOLDEN, BC Mountain Sports Distribution is pleased to announce it placed No. 351 on the 2020 Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. Canada’s Top Growing Companies ranks Canadian companies on […]


Mountain Sports Distribution is extremely excited to announce that effective immediately, we are now a Canadian distributor of FLY Racing. Sales Reps will commence working with accounts this August to work on orders for Spring, 2021.  Mountain Sports Distribution will be carrying both the FLY MX and FLY Street lines.

Says Bruce Parry,  Manager of International Operations at FLY Racing “Fly Racing, a global leader in motorsports apparel, is pleased to announce they have partnered with Mountain Sports Distribution to be a distributor in Canada.  MSD will start to deliver off-road and street products to dealers in the Spring of 2021.”

Says CEO & President of Mountain Sports Distribution Chuck Gorton, “We’re really excited to have Fly on board with MSD – it’s a brand that fits into our fold perfectly – awesome gear, a strong brand and a reputation for delivering great products and service. Fly Racing is the perfect brand to round out MSD’s brand offerings.” MSD Dealers will see this soon enough as the Summer 2021 catalogue will have the same breadth and range as the winter offerings.

About FLY Racing

FLY Racing recently celebrated its 20th year of production and is known as being one of the largest brands in power sports gear and apparel.  FLY prides itself on delivering the “highest quality gear at a price point everyone can afford.”

FLY gear is available in 40+ countries around the world and is known in the motocross, offroad, ATV, BMX, MTB, Street and Snowmobile markets. MSD will be carrying the Motocross and Street lines as part of our Summer 2021 catalog.



Mountain Sports Distribution will be making the full line of Street and Motocross gear available to all Canadian Retailers, including Racewear, Casual, Boots, Helmets, Goggles, Protection and more. For more information, please contact your dedicated Sales Rep or Customer Service Rep.


When dealerships open their doors in earnest in the coming weeks, a key problem will face both customers and dealerships: trying on helmets.  Though to date, there aren’t any regulations regarding what dealerships must ensure to allow customers to safely try on helmets, Mountain Sports Distribution hopes to prepare dealerships to meet the highest of criteria.

MSD is proud to partner with SaniBoXX, a US-based company that has developed a helmet sanitization technology that will allow dealerships to fully sterilize helmets in between customers trying them on. These Ride Safe units are available in a single, four or twelve capacity and can be ordered immediately.



Ride Safe uses UV-C (UVGI) short wavelength UV light at 254nm, a system which is non-Ozone producing. The EPA has issued warnings about using ozone for viral decontamination of anything that is around an area where people could breathe in residual ozone, as it is known to cause respiratory problems.

UV-C Sterilization is not new – it has been used in water and air purification systems for years. More recently though, significant advances have seen whole room sterilization being done in hospitals with UV-C robots. According to SaniBoxx, China is now even using it to sterilize whole public transportation buses! Most of us are familiar with UV lights and know we get our suntans from the sun’s UV light. However, it is UV-C, a very powerful UV light that has been shown to inactivate 99.9% of germs, viruses, and pathogens. UV-C light with high dosing levels damages the RNA and DNA of viruses like COVID-19 thus stopping its ability to replicate.

Utilizing UV-C light, the SaniBoxx Ride Safe has been demonstrated to be effective against the SARS-CoV virus culture.  This research is based on the CDC’s guidance in favour of using UV-C for “Decontamination and Reuse of Filtering Facepiece Respirators, against the SARS Cov2 virus that causes COVID-19”.

Ride Safe is a fully self-contained cabinet that houses 12, 4, or a single full-face helmet. Each helmet is treated internally by 3 GTL3 3W UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal) lamps and externally by an additional 10 UVGI GTL3 3W lamps. In total the unit has 318 W of 254nm UVGI Source. This lets the helmets reach dosing levels necessary in 8min.

The RS1 Single Unit is ideal for small and medium-sized dealerships.

The UVGI lamps are retracted into the helmet holder for ease of loading and unloading. Once the helmets are loaded the UVGI lamps are raised up internal to the helmet for optimum positioning of the internal UVGI source. The dosing cycle is controlled automatically by a programable timer.

The unit incorporates a UV Safe glass door with the safety interlock to prevent the lights from being active while the door is open. UV-C energy at this intensity is harmful to RNA and DNA, whether a virus or person, so we have incorporated this safety feature to ensure operator safety. Removable side and rear panels permit easy maintenance and cleaning of the unit. An upper fan system is incorporated, to circulate air through the system at all times, to help with helmet drying and deodorizing.

SaniBoxx’s UVGI lamps are rated at 3,000 hours. The effectiveness of these lamps is impacted by dirt in the system and degradation of the bulbs over time. To ensure that your customers know that your Ride Safe is effective SaniBoxx also provides medical-grade UV-C dosimeter cards that are used for efficacy confirmation of the system. This allows for monthly maintenance and re-certification of the system to be performed internally by your own personnel.



SaniBoxx is owned by Our company is DAMZ Inc.. DBA, Rush Auto Works (RAW), which has has been in business in Houston, TX for five years. As the COVID Pandemic emerged, Rush Auto Works felt a call to arms to produce products to assist in the fight against the disease by assisting the medical world.

The RS-4 is perfect for dealerships and rental operations. A 4-helmet capacity.

Says an owner of the company: “As an engineer, when we started to see the effects of this pandemic and its effect on the medical industry and our medical personnel, we started to have some rather extreme emotions.” As engineers, the group felt compelled to act. “(A)s an engineer… it is also our job to make sure that they have tools, technology, and equipment to do that job.”

“There were several groups around designing actuators for BVM’s to address the ventilator shortage. GM and FORD were asked then ordered by the POTUS to start building ventilators, with government backing I will add! So here we had the two largest automakers in our nation stepping in to do something! We, on the other hand, are perhaps the smallest automaker in the nation. No one was going to ask or order us to do anything and we certainly weren’t going to get funded to do it! But we knew we had to try… we had to do something… Anything to help!”

First, the company started with the process of sterilizing N95 Masks for reuse. They then realized that they could use this tech on their home turf of the moto-world when it became evident to them that industries that relied on helmet usage would be encountering crippling issues.  If race tracks and dealerships couldn’t allow patrons and customers to try on helmets, it would be impossible to provide helmet rentals or helmet sales. Thus, the Ride Safe from SaniBoxx.



The CDC has issued its guidance and recommendations, Decontamination and Reuse of Filtering Facepiece Respirators.

Within this, they state; “Because ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), vaporous hydrogen peroxide (VHP), and moist heat showed the most promise as potential methods to decontaminate FFRs, researchers, decontamination companies, healthcare systems, or individual hospitals should focus current efforts on these technologies.”

The RS-12 is the largest unit and designed for professional organizations, large-scale rental outlets and large dealerships.

Further, it is stated in the CDC document; Heimbuch et al. tested the performance of 1 J/cm2 of UVGI against Influenza A (H1N1), Avian influenza A virus (H5N1), Influenza A (H7N9) A/Anhui/1/2013, Influenza A (H7N9) A/Shanghai/1/2013, MERS-CoV, and SARS-CoV and reported virus inactivation from 99.9% to greater than 99.999% [11] UVGI is harmful.

The CDC is recommending UVGI dosing of N95 FFRs at a dosing level in excess of 1J/cm2 on all surfaces of the FFR. SaniBoxx’s testing has demonstrated we exceed that level. Additional testing is currently being done on SaniBoXX to optimize our dosing and cycle duration.



Mountain Sports Distribution is the exclusive distributor of SaniBoxx in the powersports industry in Canada. We are proud to sell all three Ride Safe models, including the single, 4 and 12-model of Ride Safe. Shipping is included in all prices. Please contact MSD regarding pricing or to purchase.






Welcome BaroCook to the MSD Product Offerings!

We are pumped on this new, innovative flameless meal-heating tool and know that it’s perfect for snowmobilers, backcountry travelers, field workers, campers, and more. Imagine being able to heat up your meal (like to HOT) without lighting a fire or using any tool other than the container your meal, some liquid, and one of BaroCook’s Heating Packs.

Picture this – you are working in the field on a cold fall day (at the patch, tree planting, in the fields, etc.) or you are on a day of snowmobiling on a -20° day. Now imagine being able to take your Tupperware of last night’s chili, add some water and a package of BaroCook Activator and wait 2 minutes. No electricity, no pots, no fire, no nothing – just a hot lunch ready to go. Because it’s ultra-portable you can pack and cook your food in the same container.



This patented system consists of two separate containers – the outer a BPA-free plastic and the inner a food-grade polished stainless steel. A water-activated heating pad goes in-between them. The heating pad reacts to the liquid to produce heat at just over 93°C (200°F). This heat level lasts for about 25 minutes but remains hot for another 20 minutes after that.  The flameless heat (which produces no carbon monoxide) heats your meal.


BaroCook Extra-Large (1200ml) Food Container


Packs are made of quicklime, which is a combination of 18 different minerals and sands. The steam it produces is simply hydrogen and oxygen gas. They are non-toxic & eco-friendly, odorless, and water-insoluble. The remaining quicklime powder is ecologically friendly. The byproduct is a powder, less toxic than salt, sand, or mud.

MSD will be carrying three sizes of BaroCook Container – each comes with one (single use) heating pad. Choose from the Medium 850ml (28oz) Food Container, the Extra-Large 1200ml (40oz) Food Container or 400ml (13oz) Mug. MSD will also have 10-packs for the 20g and 50g Heating Pads available.  We recommend the 50g packs for the Food Containers and 20g packs for Mugs.


CAD Retail Pricing

BaroCook Mug

  • Extra-Large Food Container (Reusable) – $44.99
  • Medium Food Container (Reusable) – $37.99
  • Mug (Reusable) – $29.99
  • 10-Pack of 20g Heating Pads (Single-Use) – $19.99
  • 10-Pack of 50g Heating Pads (Single-Use) – $29.99


BaroCook Orders will be shipping mid-July, 2020.  Pre-Orders are now available via the MSD Dealer Portal.




Q: Are the heating packs harmful?

No. Each BaroCook heating pack consists of 18 natural materials and are environmentally friendly.

Q: How do I cook with my BaroCook Cookware?

  • Activate the white pack by adding water or any liquid onto the heating pack
  • Pour food or water into the stainless bowl and lock the lid
  • After the temperature of your food or water reaches the desired heat, remove bowl.*
  • Enjoy your hot soup, coffee, food, etc. minutes later.
  • *Cooking time differs according to quantity and food type.

Q: How long will a heating pack keep food warm?

It depends on the quantity and size of the heating packs as well as food type. When you cook roughly 17oz of food with the basic rectangular stove using a 50g heating pack, the temperature of food reaches a maximum of 95°C (203°F). For about an hour it is kept between 65°C and 70°C (150° and 160°F).

Q: What is the expiration date of my stove, mug or pouch?

The units themselves are designed for years of service, but the heating elements have a shelf life of three years minimum when completely sealed.

Q: Will my stove get deformed?

The maximum temperature of heating packs is 203 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the contact surface of heating packs can cause deformation of the bottom of containers if used too long or improperly.

Q: Can I heat MREs with BaroCook Cookware?

By placing the MRE main meal, still in its foil pouch, inside the stainless steel container and adding water to cover the main meal pouch, you can warm the meal and use the heated water from the stainless steel pan to make coffee or tea, with no mess to clean up afterwards.

Q: Can I use dehydrated foods with BaroCook Cookware?

Just pour the contents of the dehydrated meal with enough water into the stainless-steel pan. Activate the heating packs and your meal will be hot and ready to eat within minutes after heating begins. Cooking time differs according to quantity and food type.

Q: Can I use snow to activate the heat packs?

Absolutely! Just hold a handful of snow in the palm of your hand and allow it to begin to melt and drip onto the heat pack to activate it. Then place the rest of the snow on the heat pack and it will fully activate and melt the rest of the snow.

Q: Can I drink the water that boils the heating packs?

The water used to activate the heat pack will boil, but you should not drink it. There are two layers – the polymer bottom pan contains the heat pack and activation water and then the stainless-steel pan goes over it. You can heat water in the stainless-steel pan, and use the water from the stainless-steel pan to make coffee, tea, etc. The water in the stainless-steel pan will be hot enough to make drinks, but it will not boil.

Q: Is BaroCook eco-friendly?

When cooking, the only vapor emitted is water vapor. Used eco-friendly heat packs can be safely disposed in the trash.

Q: How do I dispose of the used heat packs?

Used heat packs can be safely disposed in the trash. Unactivated heat packs should not be disposed of in the trash, as liquids encountering the heat pack could activate the heat pack.

Q: What is the operating temperature of BaroCook Cookware?

Under ideal conditions (68 degrees Fahrenheit), the stove will reach temperatures up to 208 degrees Fahrenheit to quickly heat your food. BaroCook Cookware can cook and keep your food hot for up to an hour. Because of the included neoprene sleeve, you can safely cook in your tent without worrying about damaging your tent or camping gear from the heat.

Q: What are the heat packs composed of?

The active ingredients in the heat packs are natural minerals: calcium hydroxide and sodium bicarbonate.

Q: Is BaroCook Dishwasher Friendly?

Why yes. Every part of the BaroCook flameless cooking system is approved for the dishwasher, top tray. Everything from the lid (including seal), stainless steel inner container and plastic outer container can safely be placed in the dishwasher.




BaroCook Medium (805ml) Food Container

BaroCook Medium (805ml) Food Container


Mountain Sports Distribution has released their 20/21 Buyers Guides for the 2020-2021 Booking Season, which wraps up on March 6, 2020.  Inside the Buyers Guides are sales histories for Eastern and Western Canada, including key buying trends for each region.

“It’s important for MSD Dealers to understand what mix of products to buy. Often, it can be a stab in the dark for things like 509 Goggles – with so many models of goggles, it’s important for us to be able to advise our dealers on what percentage of the hundreds of goggles they order should be Ignite or Kingpin or a new model that wasn’t available in 19/20,” says President Chuck Gorton. “We hope that by presenting these sales figures from last season that we can help set dealers up for sales success in 19/20.”

Copies of the Buyers Guides are included in weekly emails to dealers, but can also be downloaded here:

As a reminder, booking for 20/21 are due on March 6, 2020.

Mountain Lab Gear Enters the Two-Way Radio Market

The new Mountain Lab 2-Way 2-Watt Radio.

After years of the market being dominated by a singular two-way radio, Mountain Lab has come to the table with a strong contender to compete for the backcountry market.  For the 19/20 Season, Mountain Lab is introducing the ROAM 2-Way Radio, a 2-watt radio that is completely compatible with all other existing radios on the market.

“We saw a great opportunity,” said a representative of the company. “We were seeing thousands of these radios being sold across North America, but had the unique opportunity to take a step back and evaluate some features that we felt were of value to our market.”

Like other 2-way radios on the market, the Mountain Lab ROAM is a 2 Watt radio that works with other brands out there (i.e. you can use the ROAM to talk to other brands). It has 22 channels and 121 privacy channels and boasts an impressive 50-hour battery run-time.  However, unlike other radios on the market, the Mountain Lab Roam has an IP67 waterproof microphone with a removable cover to keep the microphone in working order in blower snow.

“The number one complaint we got from snowmobilers was that the microphone would continually get clogged with snow and render it unusable, so we wanted to combat that first and foremost,” says the designer. “After that, it was about getting an awesome product to snowmobilers at a ‘no-brainer’ of a pricepoint.

The ROAM enters the market at just $119.99 CAD for a single, or $249.99 CAD ($199.99 USD) for the set of two, making it at least $110 cheaper than the competition per radio. Says the company, “the more we researched the technology and worked with manufacturers, the more it came to light that we could do a lot more for a lot less.”

To learn more about the new Mountain Lab ROAM 2W Radio, check out their website here.

Mountain Sports Distribution Ranks No. 477 on the 2019 Growth 500

Mountain Sports Distribution Ranks No. 477 on the 2019 Growth 500

– Canadian Business unveils annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies –

Canadian Business and Maclean’s ranked Company MSD # 477 on the annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Produced by Canada’s premier business and current affairs media brands, the Growth 500 ranks Canadian businesses on five-year revenue growth. Growth 500 winners are profiled in a special print issue of Canadian Business published with Maclean’s magazine and online at and

Mountain Sports Distribution made the 2019 Growth 500 list with five-year revenue growth of 108%.

“The companies on the 2019 Growth 500 are truly remarkable. Demonstrating foresight, innovation and smart management, their stories serve as a primer for how to build a successful entrepreneurial business today,” says Beth Fraser, Growth 500 program manager. “As we celebrate over 30 years of the Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies program, it’s encouraging to see that entrepreneurship is healthier than ever in this country.”

“MSD is extremely proud to be on this list and to be recognized by Canadian Business and Macleans magazine,” says President Chuck Gorton. “This achievement is especially remarkable for us a company of our size in such a small town. It’s evidence of a great group of people working as part of a great team.”

Mountain Sports Distribution has been located in Golden, British Columbia since its inception 12 years ago. It continues to operate its headquarters there but works with warehouses and a sales rep force across North America.

About the Growth 500

For over 30 years, the Growth 500 has been Canada’s most respectable and influential ranking of entrepreneurial achievement. Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth, the Growth 500 profiles the country’s most successful growing businesses. The Growth 500 is produced by Canadian Business. Winners are profiled in a special Growth 500 print issue of Canadian Business (packaged with the October issue of Maclean’s magazine) and online at and For more information on the ranking, visit

About Canadian Business

Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the longest-serving and most-trusted business publication in the country. It is the country’s premier media brand for executives and senior business leaders. It fuels the success of Canada’s business elite with a focus on the things that matter most: leadership, innovation, business strategy, and management tactics. Learn more at

2019 Highmark/Mammut Avalanche Education Tour Announced

Mountain Sports Distribution is proud to present the Avalanche Education Snowmobile Outreach Tour, returning for its third year across the US. In partnership with Highmark Avalanche Airbags and Mammut, this multi-state tour will feature presentations through October and November.

Presenters Jeremy Hanke of Soul Rides Adventures and Duncan Lee of Let’s Ride Adventures will be presenting an engaging snowmobile-specific talk on avalanche safety in select snowmobile dealerships. Both Hanke and Lee have over 25 years of backcountry experience and bring a unique take to the world of motorized use avalanche safety.

Current stops are scheduled at 7 locations, taking place in the evenings. Attendees will receive a “straight-shooting” talk on making the right choices in the backcountry as well as have access to one-time-only deals from Highmark Airbags and Mammut. New this year will include a hands-on avalanche education for the hosting dealer’s staff.

Jeremy Hanke has been presenting with the tour for three years. His first-hand experience is wildly compelling and engages audience unlike any other avalanche seminar in the world. Says Hanke of sharing his story, he hopes that it might help save others from what could have happened to him. “That (burial) is only one of many experiences. I just hope people don’t make the same mistakes I have lived through. That’s why I do this sort of work.”

Duncan Lee is a founder of the Alpine Assassins, a pro rider collective, as well as Let’s Ride Adventures, which provides snowmobile avalanche education and produces a video series. Duncan sits on the board of AIARE (American Institute of Avalanche Research & Education).

Admission cost for these awesome sessions is (usually) $25, with more information on the Highmark Airbags website. To sign up as a dealer, please contact your MSD (Highmark / Mammut) Rep.

509 Completes Offroad Line-Up with New Pant and Boot for 2020

509 has been working for years to round out their snowmobile line-up into the offroad market. It began with the advent of the DirtPro Goggle, then the MX Goggle and Altitude Offroad Helmet – both of which capitalized of the love affair ATVers and UTVers were having with the 509 brand. In years’ past, we’ve seen new MX gloves, Jerseys and perhaps most impressive, a full feature-length movie akin to the production scale of their famous snowmobile movies.


The 509 RIDGE ITB is available in Black Fire, Cyan/Navy, Orange/Navy and Stealth.

For 2020, 509 truly comes to the table for the MX world, by introducing two new models of MX pant and their Velo Raid Crossover Boot. With the addition of these two lines, lovers of the 509 brand can truly be head-to-toe in the brand in every season.

The Velo Raid Crossover Boot is designed for mountain riding – built on a technical dirt bike and dual sport platform.


The new Velo Raid Boot is a three-buckle, 16” tall boot that 509 claims is for “single track riding and linking up double track logging roads.”  The boot is prime for the Canadian market, with 5 Tech waterproof construction, 200g of insulation and a super-stiff carbon-content sole.  At first look, the Velo looks ready to withstand the abuse of the Canadian climate and terrain.


On the pants side of things, 509 is introducing the Ridge ITB (In The Boot) and R-Series OTB (you figure it out).  The Ridge is designed for mountain single track with lots of venting, stretch components for perfect boot fit and a durable 600D Poly Weave with 900D reinforcements.  For comfort and protection, you’ll also find leather-reinforced inner leg panels.


The R-Series Pant is the go-to durable pant – ideal for cool temps or even late-season snowmobiling.

If the Ridge Pant is performance-based, then the R-Series are geared up to be the Carhartts of the MX world. Think ALL conditions, ALL terrains and ALL activities (yeah – that’s you with the chainsaw in the rain on a muddy trail with snow patches).  We love the muscle of these pants and think your most demanding customers will, too.

Thus, there’s more variety than ever for motocross riders ready to step away from the big brands that have dominated the shelves for years – there’s truly a new player in town.