Instructions for adding MSD’s Catalog to your Lightspeed:

To add a subscription or swap a price book:

  1. Go to the System- Lightspeed Subscriptions menu.  (This menu item is available only if the user has security access to subscriptions.  A login screen is also displayed to ensure the user accessing the function is allowed.)
  2. Your current price book subscriptions and other subscribed features are shown.  Additional functions are listed with a signup button.  Click a Sign Up button or link to enroll in a listed service.

Price Book Swap or Add

  1. Currently assigned price books are listed below the Current Price Books heading.
    To see a list of all available price books click the See All Price Books button (shown below in blue).
  2. Call your Lightspeed rep to swap or add the price books you want.


Technically when they click that button they see a screen where they can swap price books.  Not sure how well that works today, probably better to call.  Bottom line is they can see what price books they have on the left side under the Your Current Price Books heading if they scroll down.  All Available are listed on the right.


The MSD price book is listed as Mountain Sports (LWMSD).