509 Announces New X6 Goggle Series

For the last 12 years, the X5 Goggle has been a staple of the 509 line-up. The X5 Sinister has been the flagship of the 509 line-up, boasting up to 20 colourways per season and pro models from the likes of the most popular names in snowmobiling, including Chris Burandt, Chris Brown, Dan Adams and Keith Curtis. Every year thousands of X5s were purchased and worn by Canadian Snowmobilers.

From 2012, the original Sinister Goggle. This model was the « Canadian » (really).

509 evolved the extremely popular goggle by adding in key new technology, like the “XL” frame, which was designed to perform in the “coldest and harshest snowmobiling conditions imaginable. With a 20% increase in face foam, there’s now less room for the cold to come in.

Then came the Ignite Goggle.  As explained by SledderMag.com,  “as sledders, our faces are warm. We work hard, we breathe hard and full face helmets keep all that heat on our faces. But it’s cold out there. And those hot little air molecules don’t get it. When they bump up against your (inevitably) cold goggle lens, they turn to moisture. And thus, the dreaded foggy goggles.”  The Ingite Goggle quickly became what Up North sports called “the most sought after goggle” on the market. With a heated lens, the Ignite series of X5 Goggles meant the end of fogging.

All new for 19/20 – the Sinister X6, seen here in the Brett Turcotte Signature model.

But after over a decade of successful sales and enthusiasm from the snowmobile community (509 claims that almost a million have been sold worldwide!), enter the Sinister X6 Goggle.   Clearly, 509 didn’t want to deviate too much from this recipe for success – sledders love the awesome colours, functional outriggers, fog-free design, so the X6 isn’t that far off the original. It’s a bit taller of a design and a bit squarer in shape – a bit more contemporary if you will.  Ready for another 12 years?

The Sinister X6 is available in a stunning 21 colours (our fav?  Maybe Mountain Vis) – all of which coordinate perfectly with a corresponding 509 helmet (as always). 509 has also released the Fuzion Sinister X6, which features a fused lens (ventless), designed for moving at high speeds.

The sheer number of designed and super rad colours mean that snowmobilers always flock to the 509 line-up of goggles.  What will be your top seller?